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Transgender Name and Gender Changes


Indianapolis LGBT Issues Attorney Helps Transgender Clients Protect Rights through Document Changes


LGBT issues are continuing to gain the attention of US lawmakers as transgender individuals make their voices heard. Because of this, the transgender community is gaining rights and freedoms, and is slowly becoming visible as a community in need of recognition and equality. However, there is still a long way to go until transgender individuals enjoy the same rights and respect as non-transgender individuals. Indianapolis, IN Transgender Issues Attorney Barbara J. Baird helps LGBT and transgender clients navigate the complex world of gaining freedoms through making name and gender changes on documents, and other legal protections.


How Can the Legal System Help Me Transition?


Name and Gender Change on Identity Documents

One way that Attorney Baird can help a transgender individual avoid discrimination, invasion of privacy and abuse is to assist with proceedings for a change of name and/or gender on critical documents, such as driver’s license, passport and birth certificate. In Indiana, a court ordered name change is required in most circumstances, but the procedures for obtaining a gender marker change are not so clear. In Indiana, changing the gender on one’s birth certificate requires a court order, but not all courts are willing to entertain such a request. Navigating these muddy waters is difficult at best, and it is important to have an experienced, compassionate attorney well-versed in LGBT and transgender issues like Indiana lawyer Barbara J. Baird to help you get the proof you need to make your life feel authentic to your identity.


Why Does Gender Change on Identity Documents Matter?


Having the gender on identity documents that you feel correctly reflects your gender identity is not only important for your sense of self, but it can protect you from discrimination and dangerous situations created by improper gender identification. Transgender individuals who are married, or want to get married, also face unanswered legal questions regarding the validity and status of such a marriage. In order to protect your marriage or your domestic partnership as your spouse or partner transitions to another gender, you need a skilled, persuasive attorney who can ensure that you don’t lose any legal rights during this process.


Call Attorney Baird Today


LGBT Attorney Baird understands the process of transitioning can be extremely overwhelming. Depending on whether your goals include medical procedures, name changes, gender marker changes, all or none of the above, attorney Baird is sensitive to your needs and available to help you navigate this complex process.  To help you navigate the complex process of name and gender change on identity documents, as well as protect your marriage while you or your spouse transitions, contact Attorney Baird at her Indianapolis office at 317-426-9334.






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