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Rights of LGBT Parents and Children


LGBT Adoption Attorney Indiana Adoption Lawyer Safeguards the Rights of LGBT Parents and Children


LGBT marriages are now recognized by every state in the country! But what does that mean for LGBT parents’ relationship to their children?


Since  the  Supreme  Court  ruling  in  Summer  2015,  marriages  of  same-sex couples are recognized by all states and the federal government. This means couples  no  longer  have  to  worry  about  crossing  state  lines  and  having  their marriage  disrespected  or  disregarded.  This  is  a  giant  success  for  LGBT families,  yet  it  does  not  resolve  all  issues  of  family  recognition.  For  just  as marriages   between   same-sex   partners   have   been   treated   differently   by different states in the past, parental relationships between LGBT couples and their children can still be treated differently across state lines.


But  there  is  a  solution,  for  although  states  can  disregard  birth  certificates  or the  laws  recognizing  a  parent-child  relationship  from  another  state,  they cannot  disregard  a  court  adoption  decree.  A  court  ordered  adoption,  often called  a  second  parent  adoption,  is  a  form  of  insurance  for  your  family  and children.  We  get  insurance  for  all  sorts  of  disasters.  This  is  insurance  that your legal relationship to your child will be respected across the country. In the  state  of  Indiana,  even  for  LGBT  parents  who  are  married,  it  is  not guaranteed  that  the  parent-child  relationship  will  be  respected  without  an adoption decree for the parent that is not biologically related to the child.


If you are an LGBT parent, Indiana adoption lawyer Barbara J. Baird has the knowledge  to  help  you  protect  your  family.  Attorney  Baird  offers  years  of legal  experience  helping  LGBT  parents  looking  to  safeguard  their  parent-child relationship.


Does my family need an adoption decree?

Although  there  is  hope  that  in  the  future  same-sex  parent  relationships  will gain more security under the law, court ordered adoptions are the only way to protect  your  family  now.  This  is  particularly  important  for  LGBT  parents who  are  not  a  biological  parent  of  their  child.  For  although  a  biological relationship  to  a  child  should  be  respected  by  every  state,  the  concern  for LGBT  parents  is  for  the  parent  without  that  relationship  to  their  children.  Traveling  or  moving  across  state  lines  can  mean  that  a  non-biological parent’s relationship with their child is disrespected or disregarded in medical or decisions or even custody.


Currently  in  Indiana,  the  only  way  to  get  both  parents’  names  on  the birth  certificate  is  through  a  second  parent  adoption  by  the  non-biological parent. But even if Indiana changes its position and puts both married parents on the birth certificate at birth, other states are not required to honor the birth certificate.  Further,  this  presumption  of  parentage  can  also  be  challenged  in Indiana based on the lack of a biological relationship to the child.


To  guarantee  your  family  protection,  contact  Indianapolis  LGBT  family attorney  Barbara  J.  Baird  today  to  start  the  process  of adoption.





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