The Indiana LGBTQ community faces a number of challenges that other communities potentially don’t have to deal with: there is prejudice, in and out of court, and there are still many legal conundrums and gray areas.

As of 2015 same-sex marriages are recognized in Indiana and across the country. Many of the issues and questions facing LGBTQ people are resolved with the new ability to get married, yet this does not resolve questions of what is right for your family in particular. Many legal questions still remain.

Should you get married? Will marriage protect your family for the future in retirement and death? How will marriage affect our children? Does marriage equality mean parentage equality? What legal attacks against gay marriage and parenting might loom in the future, and how can you protect against them?

With years of experience assisting the lesbian, gay and transgender (LGBTQ) community in Indianapolis and throughout central Indiana, I am versed in the unique legal needs of same-sex couples, and help them with important documentation for creating and protecting their new families, such as donor insemination agreements, co-parenting agreements, guardianships and adoption proceedings.

I also help transgender clients through the legal maze of changing their identity documents, including name and gender marker changes for adults and minors.

Indianapolis LGBTQ Law attorney Barbara J. Baird has the ability to lead you through these many legal processes with the ease and confidence that only decades of experience can offer. She has been active in protecting the rights of and representing the LGBTQ community for over 30 years and has navigated clients through a wide variety of LGBTQ cases.