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In  the  state  of  Indiana,  guardianship  is  defined  as  a  probate  court’s appointment of an individual, also known as a guardian, to make decisions on behalf  of  another,  called  the  ward,  who  is  unable  to  make  certain  decisions because he or she is either incompetent or is a minor child.  Someone may be designated guardian of the person to manage personal affairs, health care, or guardian  of  the  estate  to  manage  the  finances,  or  both.  In  this  way,  a guardianship  is  an  estate  overseen  by  the  probate  court  for  management  of the  personal  care,  the  property  or  both  of  a  minor  child  or  “incompetent”adult.


Although the new recognition of same-sex marriages resolves some previous fears  of  LGBT  couples  in  planning  for  their  family’s  future,  marriage  does not  resolve  every  issue.  Both  heterosexual  and  homosexual  couples  should consider  how  wills  and  guardianships  can  protect  their  specific  rights  to inherit  from  their  partners,  to  make  health  care  decisions  on  behalf  of incapacitated  partners,  and  to  receive  custody  of  any  children  of  the partnership.  Because  family  members  may  hold  conflicting  opinions  on guardianship  issues,  it  is  crucial  that  you  have  an  attorney  on  board  who  is well-versed in LGBT laws in the state of Indiana.


For example, who should be named as the guardian of an incapacitated child or parent? What accommodations and comforts should the ward be awarded?  Are the ward’s financial assets being managed with consideration and care?  What does the ward need in terms of medical care and who should provide it?  Making  sure  that  you  have  a  lawyer  compassionate  and  experienced  in  the areas of LGBT law is vital to ensure that you protect your rights in court.


These issues can be a source of fighting among the children and relatives of an award, and if not properly resolved through careful litigation, they can tear a family  apart.  Indianapolis  Guardianship  Attorney  Barbara  J.  Baird  has successfully handled many guardianship litigation cases. She also represents individuals  who  are  contesting  guardianship  and  she  works  with  clients  to establish guardianships.


Contesting Guardianship

In  the  case  of  minor  children  of  same-sex  partners  where  one  or  both  die unexpectedly or become unable to care for their children, it is not uncommon that disputes can arise over appointment of a guardian for the children, even if the parents have properly named a guardian in their wills. Family may try to interfere with the choices made by the incapacitated or deceased parent of the children. Other disputes can arise over the ability of elderly individuals to manage  their  affairs  and  the  need  for  a  guardianship.  If  you  need  help navigating  these  murky  waters,  contact  Attorney  Barbara  J.  Baird  for assistance.


Indiana LGBT lawyer Barbara J. Baird has the skill and experience you need to  represent  you  in  these  often  emotional  and  difficult  guardianship  cases.  Contact Attorney Baird at her Indianapolis office today.




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