Living Wills

Indianapolis, IN Attorney Barbara J. Baird Assists Clients Establish Living Wills

It feels good to know that things are taken care of, and nowhere is this more evident than in the arrangement of one's affairs after one's gone. By working with an experienced and compassionate estate planning attorney to establish a will, a living will, and/or a funeral planning declaration, it will be as if you are still there for your family after you've gone, caring for them, and making your wishes clear. That is the power of attending to your matters of estate with an experienced Estate Planning Lawyer like Indianapolis Will and Probate Attorney Barbara J. Baird.

How is a living will different from a will?

Living Wills

A will is defined as the legal document that indicates the deceased, or decedent's, last wishes as to the distribution of his or her assets. A Living Will is a document which expresses a person's desire that life prolonging medical procedures not be used in certain circumstances. If you have an incurable injury, disease or illness, your death will occur in a short period of time, and using life prolonging procedures will only delay the dying process, you can establish through a living will that you do not want these procedures. You can also make known whether or not you want artificial nutrition and hydration (often called "tube feeding") administered in these same situations. To be granted the right to refuse care, you must leave written instructions that conform to the specific requirements of the state of Indiana Living Will law. Simply writing a note will not result in your wishes being followed.

Another topic that often comes up in dealing with Living Will arrangements is creating Funeral Planning Declarations. A Funeral Planning Declaration is a legally binding document allowing a person to direct how his or her body is to be disposed of at the time of death, and what services are to be held. It also names the person who has legal authority to carry out your wishes, or to make arrangements if you don't have specific wishes. Without this Declaration, your "next of kin" makes these decisions, and they need not follow any wishes for cremation, burial or other arrangements that you may have expressed verbally or in your will.

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